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York University textbook buyback info.

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Hey York Students!

We’re pretty familiar with al the bookstore policies at universities acrosss Canada. If you are a York student, we compiled the information on this page to help you quickly track down the information you might be seeking about the York University Bookstore.

Before you ask: Yes, we’re a small Canadian company that buys all kinds of used books and used textbooks. However, we figured we could do a bit of good by introducing ourselves to York students. You’ll find this article especially helpful if you are needing info about how the textbook buyback at York U works.

York U textbook buyback details:

York U operates a textbook buyback program. While it is not year round, and is typically not open to students outside of York, it offers some York students an opportunity to get some money back for the textbooks they have purchased.


NOTE: In the spring/ summer of 2020, York University suspended their textbook buyback program. While not confirmed, it is thought that this suspension was partly to the impact of the COVIS-19 virus.

This means that currently, York University students do not have an active buyback program on campus. ANy textbooks purchased by York students will need to be resold using some other method, such as selling on eBay, Kijiji, or other websites.

As an alternative, we’re providing a textbook buyback service that will serve York students, and perhaps even increase the amount of textbooks you can sell, and increase the amount of money you can expect to get for each textbook.  More specifically, the York textbook buyback program had some of the same challenges that a typical university bookstore buyback faces. They are:

  1.  Limited range of books bought back: Most university book buyback programs only buy back books from a specific set of courses, and only books used at their university. The logic is that not every book is being reused each term (professors can adopt new textbooks), so books are sometimes not worth buying back.
  2. Limited time: Most university textbook buybacks only buy books during specific times each year. This makes sense for a university, since they operate on a semester basis; they really don’t benefit from running the buyback program year round.

Our alternative is simple: we buy back all kinds of books, with little to no limitation on the course. We are able to do this because of our partnerships with bookstores and schools across Canada. Even though your school may not be using the textbooks, one of our partner schools may have a student looking for the exact same book. We’re able to buy a wider range of books as a result. In addition, we are able to buy year round, as we are always actively partnering with new bookstores and schools to get used books into the hands of students. There is no shutdown period; our website is always active and buying!

Should you try the bookstore?

We’ll level with you: if you are looking to buy school gear, like art supplies, graduation gifts, branded merch, clothing, and other things like that, the York University Bookstore is probably the best choice for you. On the other hand, if you are looking to get the best price for your textbooks, visit our book buyback page here. We’re a Canadian company that is local to Toronto, and we’d be happy to help you get the best price for your books!