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Laurier textbook buyback


First things first: Our Laurier textbook buyback program pays competitive prices, and runs year round. Doesn’t matter if you are based in Waterloo, or at one of the few satellite campuses in Bradford and Milton! We love Laurier students, and we want to make sure we offer a great, fair textbook buyback program to help out! Now, on to the helpful tips!

There are a variety textbook buyback options for students at Laurier. Based on our research, students can come out ahead after selling their textbooks, as long as they are careful and know what to look for before choosing a textbook buyback vendor. Here are our recommendations for what you should look out for when you are looking for a suitable Laurier University textbook buyback option:

  • Payout price: Pay attention to the payout prices! Some textbook buyback options simply do not pay enough! Students typically want to get as much money as possible for their books, and we have seen on campus programs that pay very little, as little as $4 for textbooks that students purchased a semester ago for over $100! While we understand that textbook buyback companies need to make a l’il profit too, getting paid pennies just doesn’t make sense.

On the other hand, we pride ourselves on having the consistently highest payout prices for textbooks sold. The textbook buyback program is guaranteed to give higher prices than the Laurier textbook buyback program, and pretty much any other textbooks buyback program in Canada.

  • Take a look at how many different types of books the buyback program accepts: The typical textbook buyback program in Canada just don’t buy enough different kinds of books! Typically, the problem is that they only buy books for a specific school, or a specific school program. This means that students end up with unsold books. For example, even the Laurier textbook buyback program doesn’t buy back every single book sold at Laurier.

Try to find a textbook buyback program that buys back as many books as possible. Try not to get stuck with “straggler books”; if you can get all your books sold to a single textbook buyback vendor, that’s always better than the hassle of doing multiple sales.

  • Payment options: Don’t get stuck waiting for a cheque in the mail. The best textbook buyback programs will offer payment by smart options such as PayPal, or Interac e-Transfer. As far as we know, is the only textbook buyback program in Canada that offers payment by both Paypal or Interac e-Transfer.

Make sure you try to find a way to get paid as fast as possible, using technology to help get your money to you ASAP!

  • Choose Canadian/ Choose local, whenever you can: According to the information at this link, the Laurier buyback program is run by an American company. This adds another layer of complexity, as this company is additional vendor (who also expects to get paid, no doubt). When you can, and whoever you choose to sell your textbooks to, try to ensure that you sell to a local company, that employs local, and gets the books recirculated into the hands of Canadian students.

We’re fully behind the idea of eating, building, and shopping local; that’s one of the reasons we built

Who we are: is a Canadian owned textbook buyback company. We love helping Canadian students free up cash by reselling their textbooks! This keeps the eco-footprint of the printing industry down, and helps get your used textbooks into the hands of another student for a great price. If you are a Laurier University student, we’re happy to pay you for your textbooks!

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