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How do I sell my textbooks online in Canada?

Student holing textbooks, standing in a class

It’s more important than ever to find new life for our old stuff when we no longer need them. Across the world, people are beginning to embrace the idea of reusing, buying used, and making space for others to enjoy the things that we used to enjoy. This idea extends to textbooks as well. Students and learners everywhere and of all ages use textbook buyback programs.

Textbook buyback programs work like this: When you no longer need a book, because you’ve graduated, passed a course, or you are done reading it, you can get cash for it by selling it to a buyback company or buyback site. Simply provide the ISBN from the book, and get an instant quote. If you think the quote is fair, ship your books to the buyback company, and get paid.

Why should I sell my textbooks?

Once you’ve used your textbooks (and hopefully passed all your courses), selling them is a smart, ethical way to get some money back in your pocket. It’s also a smart way to ensure that you empower another student to access the used books they need to do well in their courses. Hopefully, that student will do the same, and the cycle of giving will continue ๐Ÿ™‚

It also helps you keep clutter to a minimum in your home, dorm, or workspace. Unread books are usually better off being read by someone else, not taking up your space. Limiting pileup and accumulation can also provide mental health benefits; for some of us, clearer spaces mean clearer thinking.

Selling your textbooks also ensures that less trees need to be cut down in order to print a new copy of that book. Paper is one of the wonders of the world, as it can be recycled multiple times. It’s the sensible, sustainable thing to do, and it pays well!

Where can I sell my textbooks?

Well, we don’t mean to pat ourselves on the back, but we think we at run the best textbook buyback in Canada, period ๐Ÿ™‚ Here’s how we can help you sell your textbooks:

  • You’ll get the best prices, guaranteed. We regularly monitor new and used book pricing, and strive to provide a fair price for all buyback customers.
  • You can sell a wider range of textbooks to our textbook buyback service. In other words, we buy books that others textbook buybacks don’t. This means whichever school you go to, whatever program you are in, we’ll probably buy that book. This also means that your non-school related books are also welcome. Non-fiction, fantasy, and plenty other literary genres are purchased by us, everyday.
  • You can ship your books to us for free, from anywhere in Canada. Once you put in a buyback order via our website, you will receive a free shipping label, which you can print and tape to your box. Then, simply drop off your securely packed box at your nearest UPS drop off spot (there are thousands across Canada).

Sweet! How do I get started?

To get started, gather the books you want to sell, and head over to our textbook buyback page. Once you are there, you’ll be able to:

  1. Get a price for each of your books,
  2. Get a free shipping label, and
  3. Complete your textbook sell back so you can get paid by PayPal, or Interac eTransfer.

Remember, every book you sell in a book that is recycled, benefits another student, and puts money in your pocket. Declutter your space, and let nothing go to waste!

Sounds good? Let’s get started!