Thank you for the memories. The BookSeeker book buyback service is permanently closed. 

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Here, you’ll find helpful answers to common questions about order status, shipping, and other details.

Textbook questions:

ISBN is short for International Standard Book Number. The ISBN is an identification number for a book. Generally speaking, each book has one. 

You can typically find the ISBN near the barcode on the back of a book (usually right above or below the barcode). If not, you can find them inside the first pages of the book, where the publisher and edition info are listed.

ISBNs typically begin with the digits “978”.

ISBNs can be as short as 10 digits, but are typically 13 digits long.

We buy all kinds of books! We specialize in college and university textbooks, but we also welcome academic books for students of any age, fiction, non fiction, specialty books, and everything in between. Just enter your ISBN in order to to see if we are currently buying a particular book.

Good question!

To determine the how much we can pay for a textbook, we look at:

  • Demand: How much demand exists for that book currently?
  • Stock: How much of that textbook have we already bought?
  • Future use: Is that book going to be used in any upcoming classes/ semesters?

Click here to use the contact form to send us the ISBN, so we can look into fixing the issue and buying that book from you. Thanks!

All the books we buy need to be in good condition. We don’t accept torn books, broken spines, water damaged books, or books with excessive highlighting or markings inside.

We also inspect each shipment to ensure that no counterfeit books are included. Books that are deemed to be counterfeit or damaged are disposed of.

By the way, remember that we buy all types of books, not just college and university textbooks.

Typically, books do not meet the buyback standard because they are damaged or counterfeit. 

Damaged books include torn books, broken spines, water damaged books, or books with excessive highlighting or markings inside. Counterfeit books are books that are not authorized by the publisher; they typically have tell tale signs that identify that they are not an official textbook copy. We typically destroy books that do not meet the buyback standard.

Shipping Questions:

Yes! Our partnerships with postal carriers and national couriers means that we can arrange for the books to be shipped to us, at no cost to you.

Once you have entered the ISBNs of all the books you want to sell, we’ll automatically generate a free shipping label. Shipping is completely free for you.

If it fits, it ships! As long as the box will keep the books safe during shipping, you can use it. Feel free to reuse any boxes you have laying around.

Once we get the books, you will automatically receive an email confirming they have been received. We’ll work to process them ASAP!

We recommend shipping the books as soon as possible, in order to avoid changes in the offer price. (This can happen due to reduced demand).

Typically though, if you ship the books out within 1 -3 days, that will be perfectly fine.

Good question! As soon as your books are received in our warehouse, you’ll receive an email confirmation that we have received the shipment and will be inspecting it soon.

You will also be able to see your updated order status when you log into your account. As soon as the books are received at our warehouse, your order status will change to “Received”.

Payment/ Order Status Questions:

Once we receive and inspect the books, we will issue payment. This usually takes 1 -3 days from the day the books are received.

You can get paid by cheque, or by PayPal. PayPal is quicker, of course.

We are working on a new way to payout for textbooks, eTransfer! Look out for more updates when this payment method goes live.

Login to your account (click the “My Account” link at the top of the page). All your book orders will show under the “Stuff I have Sold” section. To see the specific status of a particular order. Look at the “Status” column on the rightmost column of the table showing your order(s).

There are five statuses that your sellback order could be in:

Placed: You have placed the order, generated a shipping label, but the books have not yet been received by our warehouse.

Received: We have received the book(s) you sent. They are in queue to be inspected and processed.

Payment Processing: We have completed our processing of the books you sold, and we are preparing to issue payment for the book(s) you sold.

Paid: We have issued payment for the books to your preferred payment method (Paypal or cheque). You should receive it soon.

Canceled: The order has been canceled (either because you requested cancellation, or because we determined that it wasn’t a valid order).

Once we give you a price quote, it is usually valid for about one week. 

Keep in mind that the quote can change based on whether demand for the book changes, so be sure to mail it into us ASAP.

Once we receive the textbooks, you will receive an email automatically.

Yes, you can change your payment method if payment has not been issued as yet. 

To change your payment method, login to your account (click the “My Account” link at the top of the page). All your book orders will show under the “Stuff I have Sold” section. 

Select the order you want to change. When viewing the order details, you can change the “I would like to be paid via” drop down to another payment method.

Click the “Save Changes” button when complete.

If you received an amount that is lower than the original quote, it is likely because of one of the following reasons:

  • One or more of the books did not meet our buyback condition guidelines
  • One or more of the books was determined to be counterfeit
  • One or more of the books does not match the ISBN you entered initially