Thank you for the memories. The BookSeeker book buyback service is permanently closed. 

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Turn book donations to cash, quickly.


Get paid immediately for the books that you collect or receive as donations. We regularly partner with institutions to help them get paid for a sizeable amount of books, with limited effort on their end.

Working with us to monetize your excess used books means that you’ll get paid a predictable price, without the administrative and staff overhead that comes with listing items for sale or dealing with dozens of buyers.

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How it works:

1. Scan your incoming book donations into our software

Use a barcode scanner to scan your book ISBN into our system. You'll immediately see how much we will pay for that book! It takes about 3 seconds to scan each book barcode, and we generally end up paying for about 20% of the books you scan.

You can do this yourself, or we can provide our staff to regularly do this on your behalf. We can provide a dedicated laptop and barcode scanner for your location, if needed.

2. We'll buy (in bulk) all the books identified by our software

We'll move all the books identified by our software out of your space, and pay you for them, in bulk. No need to coordinate a sale, manage multiple vendors, or stress over the ever-growing pile of donated books.

You'll also get paid a healthy premium, compared to individuals that sell to us through regular channels.

Additionally, qualifying organizations that prefer to wait for a larger payout can opt into our well run consignment service.

3. Monetize or dispose of the remaining books

There'll be lots of great books left for you to monetize in your store, at a book sale, or through other means. If disposal is required, we can connect you to preferential rates for getting the remainders disposed.

All our institutional partners come out significantly ahead, considering the alternatives and work required for getting their used books sold.


Think smart and efficient

Our partners report reduced overhead, less stress, and more revenue predictability when working with us to help monetize their excess used books/ donations. 

Here’s another truth: You’ll make more money (with less effort) using our service, than traditional methods of sorting, sale, and disposal. Even our thrift store partners who traditionally sell huge gaylords of books for less than .0 4 cents per pound come out ahead; we typically far exceed the amount they would otherwise make! 

As an added bonus, they are still able to sell the remaining books for a great price, effectively tripling their bulk book income with no additional staff.

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BookSeeker Pro benefits

Easy to get started

You can sign up and get started within days. An Account Manager is waiting!

A great way to deal with used books

Our service helps you steward used books in a responsible way, and be rewarded for it.

Get paid regularly

We payout weekly, via convenient methods. This makes it easy to forecast and plan.

Work with a quality company

We've been around the book industry for many years, and operate multiple programs within the industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

BookSeeker Pro Solutions is a program where institutions can work with to monetize their excess used books.  It allows you to access our database, and get guaranteed premium payouts for a large percentage of your books up front.

Frees up space, takes work off your plate, and generates a predictable flow of income.

Yes! If you are interested in waiting for a later payout, we can arrange for your books to be consigned, at an agreed split rate that will ensure you are fairly compensated. 

Reach out and ask your Account Manager for more information to determine if you qualify.

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