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Level up your education with the BookSeeker Scholarship Program

The Scholarship is a twice yearly scholarship program for students attending an accredited college or university in Canada. Why do we have a scholarship program? It is our way of helping to build the world we think needs to exist. In that world, everyone pitches in to help support the people that will be the researchers, leaders, engineers, artists, creators, and voices of tomorrow. 

If you’re a savvy, smart, student that is committed to leaving your mark on the world, then the Scholarship is for you.

The deadline.

To be eligible, you need to apply by December 31 of each year. Applications open in early November.

$500 Cash Award

Life is expensive. Use the cash award to pay for any expenses you like. It'll help ease all the expenses involved in student life.


This scholarship is for any student studying in an accredited institution in Canada. Open to all Provinces and Territories.

Eligibility requirements

To be considered eligible, you must meet all of these requirements:

  • You should be enrolled in college or university in Canada full time
  • You should be a Canadian Citizen, or a Permanent Resident, or have a Study Permit, or otherwise have a status that makes you eligible to study in Canada
  • You should be in good academic standing with your college or university (not on academic probation)
  • The BookSeeker Scholarship program is open to students in any and all courses

How to apply

Instead of having you write a long essay, we wanted to try something different.  Think about the impact you plan to have on the world, or the problem that you think you’d be willing to devote your life/ work to solving. (Remember, this is what is true for you. Problems don’t have to be super high profile or well known for them to be meaningful or in need of a solution. It’s just whatever you are willing to work to help bring about in the world). Then, write no more than two paragraphs (4 to 6 sentences each), describing in a simple, clear way:

  • What problem you want to solve in the world through your life and work?
  • Why is this problem important to be solved?
  • What specific role do you see yourself contributing to in order to solve this problem?
We will select a scholarship winner based on the 2 – 3 paragraph answer. Give it some thought, and transparently share about the legacy you think you might leave. We’ll seriously consider every single submission.

For more information on the Scholarship Program, reach out to us via our Contact page. We’d be happy to connect and share more info.

BookSeeker Scholarship FAQ

When is the deadline to apply for the scholarship?

The deadline to apply is December 31 of each year. Applications will open in November of each year.

What is the scholarship amount?

The BookSeeker Scholarship is a $500 cash award. Student life can be complex; so we made it a cash award so that students can decide what to put the money towards, based on their current needs.

How will I know if I am selected to receive the scholarship?

If you are selected, we will connect with you by phone and email to confirm that you’ll be receiving the award.

How will the scholarship award be paid out if i am selected?

You’ll be paid out with a cheque or money order, made out to you!

I have some questions about the scholarship that are not listed here.

For more information on the Scholarship Program, reach out to us via our Contact page. We’d be happy to connect and share more info.

How will you use the information I submit with my scholarship?

Any information you give us will be covered by our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use. We won’t sell your information, and we won’t do anything that violates your right to confidentiality and privacy.