Thank you for the memories. The BookSeeker book buyback service is permanently closed. 

Enquiries: hello /A/ bookseeker . io.

Small company; huge mission. is a local company built around a three simple missions: First, enable students to get paid a fair price for their textbooks and educational resources. Currently, we are buying hundreds of thousands of books for cash from schools across Canada and the US.

Secondly, create seriously engaging content for students, empowering them to study better, aim high, and get better results in school.

Finally, we proudly work each year to offer the Scholarship. It is our main way of giving to the student community, and ensuring that we do our part of contribute to future leaders. For more information on the Scholarship, visit our Scholarship Information page. In that sense, our ultimate goal is to grow together with you, giving value each step of the way.

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Team BookSeeker.i

Books accepted
455 k+
Canadian Company
100 %
Student scholarships
5 +
Average payout
$ 200

Our commitment to Doing Good.

Our main goal is making sure that you benefit from every interaction with us. We guarantee the prices offered for your books, and are committed to offering a fair price, no questions asked. We respond to every email or help request with fairness, empathy, and and a desire to make sure everyone wins. Every single day, we set out to give good service, work like good people, and exceed your expectations.

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