Thank you for the memories. The BookSeeker book buyback service is permanently closed. 

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We pay more, and buy more books.

Sell your used books for cash. Get a quote online, ship to us (for FREE), and get paid fast.

We pay more, and buy more books.

Sell your used books for cash. Get a quote online, ship to us (for FREE), and get paid fast.

Get paid for your books and textbooks, in three easy steps:

1. Get a quote

Textbook price quotes are guaranteed! You'll get a fair price, locked in for 7 days.

2. Get free shipping

Shipping is on us! Just print the shipping label that is automatically generated for you.

3. Get paid!

Get paid by PayPal or cheque, super fast. You'll get paid as soon as we receive the books you send in.

We are Canada's

trusted textbook buyers.

Best payouts.

We pay more than campus buybacks. You'll get the best price for your textbooks.

Great reviews.

Customers love us; we consistently get awesome feedback on our service.

Fast, reliable payments

You get paid fast; soon after we receive your books. Choose from flexible payout options too.

How do I sell textbooks online?

Got textbooks to sell? (Any books, really) We’ve made it easy and super simple to sell them and get paid. Here’s how it works:


Start on our website.

Get all your books together, and head over to to start.


Search for your book.

Enter the ISBN of the book you want to sell into the search field. Or use your camera if you're on a phone.


Print your FREE shipping label.

Shipping is on us! Once you are ready to sell, follow the steps and we'll create a shipping label for you.


Get paid however you choose.

We can send you a cheque, or pay you quickly by PayPal. Enjoy your cash; spend it however you like!

Why sell used textbooks to Bookseeker?

Selling used textbooks helps you free up cash from books you used in the past, but won’t need to use again. We’ve created a hassle free way for you to free up money by selling your textbooks (and any other books you have, too!). You’ll get to declutter your space, and get paid for the books you are no longer need.

The process has been designed to be as simple as possible; enter the ISBN of the books you want to sell; we’ll offer you a quote and a free shipping label. Put the books in a box, drop them off at the post office, and sit tight! Your money will be sent over as soon as we receive and process the books you sent. If you get paid by PayPal, we will cover the PayPal fees ourselves, so you get all the money you are supposed to. Oh, and by the way, pretty much all our customers give us a five star rating for speed, customer services, and prices paid. There are no limits either; regardless of which college or university you attend in Canada or the US, we can help buy your textbooks.

Our main goal? To make it easy to sell your used university and college textbooks. This means fair pricing, no excuses, and five star service. Give us a try! You can get more information on our FAQ page. Or, if you want to reach us, contact BookSeeker staff here.